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SNOE Affairs X Desert Hearts

Pack your bags… We’re going to Berlin! We had the pleasure of putting together a night of live streaming fun for our friends at Desert Hearts. Andreas brought a bunch of friends together in his studio. We danced, played and drank for 17 hours straight to fantastic music. Thank you to everyone joining us on…

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SNOE Affairs // Balcony Sessions

SNOE Affairs Episode 12 || Beth Lydi b2b Andreas Henneberg Thanks to “Balcony Sessions” for making this happen. Filmed on a houseboat in Berlin during the Covid-19 madness. www.bethlydi.com www.andreas-henneberg.com www.twitch.tv/balconysessions

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SNOE Affairs // Andreas Henneberg

SNOE Affairs Episode 12 || Andreas Henneberg A live-stream recording from above the city of Berlin. Presented by United We Stream, Klunkerkranich Berlin & SNOE Enjoy his Dj-Set from the Rooftop of Klunkerkranich in Berlin | Recorded on April 11. 2020 www.andreas-henneberg.com

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SNOE Affairs // Kolombo

SNOE Affairs – Episode 11 || Kolombo Having freshly released the monster tune “4Ever baby” on SNOE, it was a natural choice to do the next SNOE Affairs with mr. Kolombo himself. Enjoy this exclusive Dj- Set by Kolombo. www.kolombo.be www.snoemusic.com  

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SNOE Affairs // Mikey Lion

Episode 10 || Live from Rakete Nuremberg In our newest SNOE Affair you can get to know the head of the magical Desert Hearts from USA, Mikey Lion. The crew are pioneers in spreading the message of love, unity and music and have become close friends of ours over the past years. This summer they…

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SNOE Affairs // Beth Lydi & Andreas Henneberg

Episode 08 || Beth Lydi & Andreas Henneberg SNOE Affairs – Recorded live at OCASO Festival 2018 in Tamarindo / Costa Rica.www.bethlydi.com / www.andreas-henneberg.com please subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPhiCVX3SCk

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SNOE Affairs // ANNA

Episode 01 || The first episode starts with the brazilian top dj ANNA. Live recorded at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2015. www.facebook.com/djannabr please subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here! 

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